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Friday, 31 July 2009

Me & Kids pics

Salam..these are pics of me at Studio RTB(d new complex)as a presenter of a religious program,Al-Hidayah(produced by Wasli).Guys u don't get jealous,Im a big fan of Maria(Brunei popular singer).To Maria:Good luck with yur studies!!Smoga pulang ke tanah air membawa kejayaan dan menjadi seorang sarjana yg disegani & disayangi peminatmu..My pray always b with u!!here also pic of Adib P2F(during MoU program UBD & S'pore).And these are the cute adek2 Singapore students.And that is where i study my elective courses of The Principle of Organization Management & The Principles of Human Resources Management.Well,this last pic ?They are my precious kids playing guitar at Hazim's room(OMG!!so many musicians at home).Anyway,TQ my boy for teaching yur li'l bro & sis how to play guitar (I mis yur voice my big boy!)I mis 'em soooo muchh!!Ya Allah..smoga pengajianku cpat tamat..AMIN...

The Taking of Pelham 123

Salam...u all should watch The Taking of Pelham 123Best!!!gandingan John Travolta & Denzel Washington sungguh mantap...today i bought my daughter Dear Dumb Diary collection @MPH Midvalley...so cheap!!!Purchase 3 books for d price of 2!!(RM18.90 each)but so sad..today's the last day (31/07/09).No wonder she (daughter) luv Jim Benton(the author)so much..i laugh thru the pages!!(OMG!!why read teen's books anyway??)but indeed i still consider Sophie Kinsella's books are the funniest!!Muna eat yur heart out!!u r not allowed to read sophie's til u akil baligh.. hahhaha..I also bought 'Arif (my 6yrs boy)Disney story books i.e. Bolt:My Best Friend-28pages for RM7.90,The Incredibles (Disney graphic novel)for RM7.90-48pages.I hope he'll read it slowly,like 1 page ONLY perday to save me from buying him another new storybooks hahahh (what a cruel mother!!)..uwarghhhh tmrow Sat(no class)will hunt for another bookshops...I promise myself i won't buy another sophie's til next month,coz i'm addicted to her books..oh sophie..i'm yur big fan!!Owh..its kinda late now(11:35pm)..tired...Nyte2 everyone..

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Ambuyat recipe @Saji Magazine

Salam.Today I & hubby gt our lunch @Alamanda.I looved Mee Hoon Curry so much!It costs MYR6.90 only.Normally we'll watch movie at GSC Alamanda but none of the movie showing has caught my eyes yet today.Yeah!True!Why?coz i've watched Tansformers & Obsessed oready and im being sceptical of Johnny Depp's capability in his latest movie (forgot d title),his character as a 'pirate' permanently prominent than his other character.U knw what? as i cruised along the lane of Cadbury chocolate lane @Carrefour,I got free sample of new Cadbury dark chocolate.Then,i got a free cup of Nescafe there too (even the cup is so small that i can swallow the whole cup,but syukur rezki datang jgn ditolak..heheh).Then I got a free Sun Newspaper today. So, what can I say?I guess it's my lucky day.Then we went to the fruit lane & u won't believe what did i buy?Two packets of DURIAN costing RM10 only..Yay!So cheap!even though i have to break my diet today..i just can't resist Durian..I love Durian so much!!Then I saw this Saji magazine (published by Utusan Karya & I know the CEO very well,u can see my photo with him later).Shining bright on the cover written 'Ambuyat resepi tradisi Brunei'(sthg like dat).Wah!rupanya The Rizqun International Hotel sponsored the Utusan Karya journalists for 4 days.So proud of our traditional food Ambuyat!!Thanks Utusan Karya journalist esp.Saji writers/journalist. As u can see here is my house at no.129,dot...dot..dot in Bandar Baru Bangi.My briskwalking activity at the Stadium Section 15,Bandar Baru Bangi becomes my routine every afternoon (except last Wed).Alhamdulillah so far i managed finished 8 laps for 30mins (so slow huh?well i only walked for god's sake!!!not jogged!!!)but today I must reached my goal (10 laps for 30 mins).Normally I start d activity at 6.30pm till 7pm (maghrib here is 7.20 or 7.28pm).Tonyte i'm going to Carrefour Alamanda, Putrajaya again and wil buy some more durians (plan to keep 'em in my fridge for my whole 5 months stock..Yay!!!So true!!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Bachelors in Social Sciences of Media Communication [BSSOc (Hons)],UKM

These are some pics of my UKM colleagues at Equatorial Hotel,Bangi during the farewell party for them..all of them has graduated now..so sad..now im lonely,good bye & good luck Pearl,Intan,Kymie,Lini,Fizah,Adeq,Yong,Am & all..sob..sob...so sad..Apa2 pun.. perjuangan harusku teruskan..aku merupakan salah seorang pelajar yang terlewat mendaftar..orang lain dah habis Sem 1,aku baru joint UKM ketika Sem 2 sebab tu ler aku terpaksa habiskan pelajaran yang tertinggal...sedih2...segalanya sudah tersurat di Lokh Mahfuz..redha ku terima Qadha & Qadar Allah..pasti ada hikmah di sebalik kelewatanku..kan kan?? betul betul betul!!

Help our world by REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE

Salam..hi frens..Do u know that composting is an inexpensive,natural process that transforms yur kitchen & garden waste into a valuable & nutrient rich food for yur garden? Do u know that green thingy are quick to rot & provide important nitrogen & moisture to yur soil?? eg:tea bags,grass cutting,vegetable peelings,salad leaves & fruit scrap.But the brown thingy is slower to rot,provide carbon & fibre.Please bear on yur mind: NEVER COMPOST MEAT,COOKED VEGETABLES,DAIRY PRODUCTS & DISEASED PLANTS.
Happy Gardening!!! I loooooove gardening...can't wait to come back home (Brunei)..I miz kelupis inti udang..huhuuu

Hubby so concerned!!

Before I & hubby leaved for KL,both of us got the Seasonal Influenza injection at Pusat Kesihatan Berakas B along with our kids & our niece (even though they're not going to KL with us)

more of Hazim & his cousin,Gatz,@Pusat Kesihatan Berakas B waiting for their turn..

My son hazim waiting his turn to get the injection..

haha..Gatz was so nervousss!!! there my pretty daughter..so confident to have dat injection..heheh

This pics taken at Pusat Kesihatan Berakas B,me & family getting our Seasonal Influenza Injections..U can see me,my daughter Muna & my youngest daring 'Arif,my son Hazim,my nephew Gatz & of course my hubby..hehhe..all were getting nervous in the Pusat Rawatan room!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Worried of H1N1 :(

I'm so worried of this i call end of the world disease.H1N1=Swine Flu is really spreading fast.But so far its safe at my place here in UKM,Bangi.I was so shock when Australia confessed that 6,000 people will die in the country if the antidotes hasn't found yet.So far,Mexico is safe now.But South America is worst!It reaches 10,000 victims now at Chile.Guess what?The actor of Harry Porter(the blonde guy: Rupert)has infected wit d swine flu!!At first he thought it was an ordinary flu.He gt sore throat and running nose & guess what? he even kissed a gal of Harry Porter actress.Only God knws what had happened to d gal he kissed now.During the interview I saw his nose was soo..red & he keeps on sniffing.Poor Rupert!!!huhu..Pls get well soon Rupert! (as if he may visit my blog?!)hahhahh! I also want to thanks my Brunei Govt Kerajaan Kebawah DYMM Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Dipertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam keranna memberikan perkhidmatan suntikan percuma bagi Seasonal Influenza (once a year).Alhamdulillah..so far Im fine here even my classmates got sore throat, running nose & coughing (sooo bad here).Wearing my mask in d class is a must to me & become the accessory of my attire everyday here in UKM.While using my hand sanitizer becomes my habit now.So...how bout u? r u wearing any mask there? please wear it b4 its too late..even its suffocated me at first,but now Im getting used to it..heheh

1st Sems (sessions of 2009/2010) begins..

Salam..hi frens!It's been so long since i didn't tell u my story..Im at Bangi hom now.Its 10:45pm.Its been 2 months since i leave my Bangi House(at Seksyen 8,Bandar Baru Bangi)u can see my house later in this blog k? Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Adil lagi Maha Kaya..Syukur Alhamdulilah all of my courses are much easier than before & guess what?? I only got classes on Monday til Wed & the rest..tidoooo! Menalur! haha.I got 6 courses,my final exam will be held Oct to Nov 09.Meaning December 09 Im free like a bird..I didn't notice my 3 years course will end by Dec 09.Alhamdulillah 5 more months aku akan bergelar sarjana..its not easy man..because to accomplish GREAT THINGS, we must not only act, but also DREAM, not only plan, but also BELIEVE that u can do it!! Im thinkin to do my master in Media & Cultural Studies but I knw its a slim chance to do so.But,i plan to do it with my own expenses (BND3 to 4K per year) @University of Brunei Darussalam later as a part time student. Meaning I will study at night & weekend..What?? U can study till u drop dead ryte? no one can stop u!! Its yur decision..if u dare to dream it..if u r willing to work hard at it..surely u can achieve it! So what? Its your life anyway..and u have d right to direct yur life..+ doa & tawakkal to Allah.. Btway my 6 courses for this sems are: 1)Organization Management Principle, 2)Human Resources Management Prnciple 3)Family & Kinship in Sosiologies 4)Audience Analysis 5)Intercultural Communication and the last one is an elective course (I choose the easiest one) Wanita Menurut Perspektif Islam..senang gilerr..assignment pun 15 pages ONLY..& btway, the Human Resources Management Principle is held at Faculty of Business School..cool..we learn how to handle workers. Assisgnment? dunno yet..while d assignment for the Organization Management Principle is 30 pages with references not less than 20 references..COOL & CRAZY!!! The rest..dunno yet (hey! class just started, so how will i know?)Nest Tuesday I got Fieldwork Expedition at KLCC for the Intercultural Communications from 9am till 2pm. Btway u won't be seeing me as Im gonna be invisible and will become a fly on the wall..huhu..dats what Prof Madya Dr Latifah wants us to do. "I want u guys to be invisible and be like a fly on the wall" God..I miss Brunei sooo much!!