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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Happy Ramadhan & Mid Sem Exam

Salam...tau tak per?Rasanya sudah seminggu aku terperap di rumah..maklum orang nak score dlm exam huhu..My mid exam was on d 25th&26th.Alhamdulillah..I did it!Last exam was held @Bilik Kuliah Fakulti Ekonomi Perniagaan this morning.Thnks to Pn Rohani(lecturer of Principles of Human Resources Management)who emphasized us to buy the HRM books.They are really useful for my course & carrier.Mula minggu lepas dah aku bersengkang mata x tido malam (now i got Panda eyes)untuk khatam 2 buku HRM..dunno why took so long to finish reading any academic books unlike reading my fav novels which I can finish only in 1 day!!I've studied sooo hard to score 'A' that if i don't get any,no hurt feeling though..coz I did my best to pass my exam.Indeed,this is what i call BERDOA,BERUSAHA & BERTAWAKKALso just redha with Qadha' & Qadar Allah..btway..happy fasting to my all Moslems..Bye..need to catch some sleep..will do some packing tmrow..tak sabar rasanya nak balik Brunei..ku menghitung hari ketibaan 2 Sept..Mama & kids,ku rindukan kalian..2 Sept lalalala...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

What a wonderful (?) world

Salam..My mind is sooo clear today as clear as the clouds in the sky.I did spring cleaning & tidy up my messy book shelves.Then,try to finish Kak Gee's notes on Audience Analysis.OMG!are d words becoming smaller each day or is it my eyes?like my eyes get smaller(?) what's the word she wrote on the note??Is it Foundations,Fervent & Future?what's the word Fervent doing there?oh dear..where's my reading glasses?dunno why nowadays my reading glasses seems very important to me & a must item in my handbag..can't live w/out it.Actually,I did check-up my eyes & d Eye Dr said i need not only reading glasses but i need a pair of REAL glasses..NO!!dont like wearing them..u know why?fear it'll limit my activities..for eg.how can i jog my 8 laps in d stadium if those glasses barely perched on my sweating & oily nose & keep slipping away from my eyes?It'll look silly ok?seems like my nose are using dem more often than my eyes..so how?then,the Dr also said,once u put on d glasses,u must put dem on kind of 4ever!!Dats y i dont want to make my self the REAL glasses..YUCK!!but i guess the time has come for me to wear the glasses..u know what?hubby just given a loud scream as MU given a penalty kick opportunity just now..I think all d neighbour nearby could heard him..huh!BTW my lunch tday was Pari Asam Pedas + ladies finger + sambal pusu + tempoyak + ulam2an,do u know how much did it cost?=RM4.50 only..dats why i love eating out,cheaper than cooking by yurself.As a dessert,i ordered myself a bowl of Bubur Kacang=RM1.00 only.Then I ordered a giant glass of Ice Coffee RM1.20 only.Ya Allah kuatkan Imanku supaya menahan nafsu makanku..but they're all damn cheap here in Bangi..so how can i stop myself for not eating those cheap thingy but are expensive in my hometown?O..Ohh!I just broke my diet again.So,to make amends of my wrong doing,I jogged for 8 laps @BBB (Bandar Baru Bangi)Stadium dis afternoon.But then I did it again!Guess what's my dinner tnyte?I got a giant Gearbox (with a plastic straw poked into the hole of the buffalo's ligament)am i right??+ fried kueyteow @the Warung Dusun Gearbox,Bangi.But it's the best Gearbox in town!Never mind!i promise myself that I will eat the 'non-sin' food tomorrow.But M'sia MEGA SALES is ON now!!help me!!!so,in that case,i gtg..need to do my assignmnt on the audience analysis for 10-12 pages,then doing a survey & make a full 20-25 pages report of it..its very unCOOL..bt what else did i do here?u think im having fun ere?dont want to let my govt down,so GTG & finish this analysis....bye!!(yawn-12:33 midnyte)