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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Kerja oh..kerja..

AsSalam.sudah lama ku tidak menulis di dalam blog kesayanganku.Hari yg ku lalui semakin hari semakin indah walaupun pada mulanya terasa payah dan kusut bila diberi kan tugasan memangku tugasan Ketua Siaran Harmoni.Tugasan pertamaku adalah menghadiri mesyuarat H.O.D.OMG!menjadi seorang ketua bukan semudah yg disangka & dibangga2kan.Beban tanggungjawab yg terpikul di bahuku tersangat berat rasanya.Lebih-lebih lagi bila aku ditugaskan menyediakan Budget 2010.Bukan mudah untuk mendapatkan kerjasama dari ke semua pekerja bawahan,tetapi berkat sabar & pengalamanku bergaul bersama mereka bertahun2 membuatkan aku & mereka seperti sebuah keluarga.Setelah berhempas pulas,akhirnya budget yg dikehendaki siap & sudah diserahkan pada ketuaku. Kini aku cuba menikmati cuti tahun baru 2010 walaupun aku menghidap flu.Menurut DrNasibah,maybe i got nodule in my throat menyebabkan suaraku berubah.So,aku disaran-kan berjumpa dgn Dr pakar ENT pada 18/1/2010 ini.Semalam,walaupun suhu badanku panas aku mampu menggagahi diriku menikmati makan malam bersama keluargaku di Restoran Aminah Arif,Batu Bersurat.I'm happy if my family happy.Alhamdulillah..

Sunday, 13 December 2009

RTB as my second home

AsSalam..how r u guys?Selamat Menyambut Awal Tahun Hijrah 1431.On this coming Thursday, I have to standby at the studio for HM's Titah.I silently pray that everything will be alright.I remembered that faithful day when I was waiting on a long queue for my turn to get interviewed by Hj Zaini Hj Yusof (once a famous announcer at RTB).I remembered saying,"Saya meminati seni," as Hj Zaini asked me why I wanted to joined RTB.I was so nervous during that time that all my hands were very cold & I got butterflies in my stomach.July 16th 1996 was the day of Harmoni Fm being launched ON AIR and that was the day I communicate with Brunei people 'live' from 94.1 fm. I was a part-timer till 2002. Thanks to CtNorain who inspired me years ago with the remark: "You should further your studies abroad". Alhamdulillah.. despites all the obstacles that I've been through,finally..here I am..the same old salmi but new spirits.I'm getting closer to Allah, The Creator.If my mom knew the unvarnished truth about my loneliness/struggling with the deadline/my sinus problem/menorrhagea etc she'd have instant high sugar level in her blood and the doctor would say,'Did anyone give her a terrible shock?'.Mom..thanks for everything especialy your prayer for me.And to my lovely but over protected hubby who became my punching bag through the year..I'm sorry abang if i ever lost my temper during my hardest time.Even now almost a month since the last exam and here I am in my hometown, my hubby keep on saying,'Syukur eh..alai abis dah..lapang rasa dadaku'..my mom keeps on saying,'Adang tah belajar lagi lai..siksa ku meliat.' But,u know what?My heart is beating faster whenever I'm thinking 'What if i pursue my M.A at UBD?' but i know what will my hubby say,'why not?' i always knew that he will okay it, but how bout my mom? And I already knew what will my kids say to me.'Uh oh..not again..mommy when can you have a break?' I remember that day when I tried to finish my project paper,I was under stressed,what's more was that the deadline was so close..I ever shouted at my kids to leave me alone & life really got bored & the whole house was in the silent mode,I remembered watching 'arif cried..OMG..I'm truly deeply sorry to my kids. Alhamdulillah,now that I've finished my course & will get my degree by end of Dec,my mind is so clear,no more stressful days..no more quizes in class which carried 10 marks to worry about,no more panda eyes as a result of sleepless night finishing the 30 pages of each assignments, no more..no more..Alhamdulillah.. Allah is Great!!Now I am ready to face the challenge in the real media world..Well life is not that sucks actually!